Saturday, December 15, 2007

7 Ways To Make Sure You Take Your Vitamins Daily

By Kavit M Haria

Vitamins are essential to our body in order to continue strong and healthy growth. Unfortunately, in today's food culture, most of our food is highly processed and manufactured that it's lost most of it's useful vitamins and minerals and so on the average day, our body doesn't get what it requires.

For that reason, I'm a strong believer in one taking vitamin supplements on a daily basis to give the body what it requires on a regular basis, allowing it to nourish and grow into a healthier being.

I recommend seven ways to ensure you take your vitamins daily:-

(1) Keep your vitamins in a small bottle that you can carry with you in your pocket or bag wherever you go.

(2) Set daily alarms on your phone to remind you to take them as many times as prescribed on the vitamin packet or bottle.

(3) Put up a post-it note on your wall each day you get to the office to remind you what you have to do.

(4) Add it to your daily to-do list and make sure you tick it off like you do with the other items on that list.

(5) Get a friend to remind you at the time. (How can you make sure your friend doesn't forget to remind you? Please send them these tips.)

(6) Be accountable to someone. Make sure you take your vitamins daily. And each day report to a close friend or family member telling them you have. If you haven't, do something massive (as a forfeit) in return for that person. You've got to pay the price of not following through, right?

(7) Make sure you know WHY you're taking them. Don't just take them because you've been told. Realise why you're taking them, the benefits they're having (or going to have) on your life and how you'll feel more vibrant.

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