Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Because Vitamin is Prevention...

I'm not a doctor. I am just an avid vitamin user since my mother has taught me to chew one when I was just a child. I guess, even when we are still at the womb lying unconscious we may have ingested some nutrients from vitamins taken by our caring mothers.

Everybody has its fair share of vitamin use. From multivitamins to amino-acids I have somehow tried them all. They do vary in effects as some can make you dizzy while others can make your heart palpitate. Others can change your mood and yes some can change your urine yellow.

And so I'm having this blog to share some information about vitamins and minerals that are readily available at our drugstore today. Vitamins and minerals that have played an important role in our growth not only physically but mentally as well.

Because a healthy mind needs a healthy body. And a healthy mind and healthy body is more than what a successful rich or a famous person can ask for.

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