Thursday, July 19, 2007

Omega 3 Microencapsulation – Not In My Orange Juice - The Newest Development To Cash In

by: Lois Smithers

In an effort to add Omega 3 from the right source (fatty fish) to our grocery store products, the latest attempt to cash in on the Omega 3 band wagon is microencapsulated Omega 3 fish oil in of all things, orange juice (Tropicana), butter (I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter) and yogurt. Suffice it to say, microencapsulation is a complicated process that requires a scientific background to explain.

What I do know is, I never wish to add fish of any kind, in any form, encapsulated, freeze dried, flaked or otherwise to orange juice, butter, yogurt, or any food for that matter. It’s not only tremendously unappealing, many people are deathly allergic to fish. Will they have to read labels of orange juice, butter and yogurt to make sure dried or encapsulated Omega 3 fish oil is not lurking within?

We are inundated by commercialism, clever advertisers, hype, powerful food and drug companies complicated by our own time limitations to dig deep for answers. So we do our best to keep up, read a bit here, listen a bit there and assimilate information often on the run. When we walk into our grocery stores and see Omega 3 on products, our first reaction is to buy knowing we need to add Omega 3 yet so few know they just added more seed oils to their bodies. And with today’s textbook science clearly showing seed oils are the culprit behind chronic inflammation affecting Americans’ health today, it is not a stretch to call the behavior of food manufacturers unscrupulous in their duping of the American consumer in the most dreadful way – not the cash in their hand but the very health they are trying to either keep or restore.

Research once showed ALA from seed oils was beneficial to heart health and other diet-related diseases, yet those conditions continued to climb and studies began emerging linking an over-abundance of ALA and other seed oils to chronic inflammation (arachidonic acid) being at the core of those diseases. And unless you’ve stayed clear of fast food restaurants, prepackaged foods, treats, and your favorite sit down restaurant, you’ve unknowingly been consuming huge quantities beyond any healthy recommendation that was suggested just a few years ago.

The first attempt at misleading labeling was conscienceless but the newest of dropping tiny caplets of microencapsulated Omega 3 fish oil into juice and dairy products defies logic. My mind, nor my palate, can tolerate the thought of the taste or texture. At first glance it might appear as a step in the right direction by at least adding fish oil that we need but do you want fish oil delivered to you in those products? And if we throw Omega 3 microencapsulated fish oil into a wide array of grocery store products, how will we know if we’ve consumed a gram a day as suggested by the AHA or ten grams a day? It is estimated that by 2011, sales of Omega 3 enriched products will soars to $7 Billion Dollars.

A simpler solution is educating the American public as to the difference between food grade Omega 3 fish oils that offer no benefit and pure pharmaceutical grade fish oil from the right fatty fish that do. Purifying fish oil requires years of skill utilizing molecular processes. Suppliers who purchase 50 gallon drums of fish oil to turn into capsules for resale can afford to buy one, get one free and offer a two month supply for $25.00. Your health is precious and finding a quality source of fish oil only requires a little looking beyond the labeling.

Find a fish oil manufacturer (not a fish oil reseller, retailer or supplier) who began the process of producing fish oil by contracting with deep sea fisherman to deliver it to their lab. Make sure they either own the pharmaceutically lab purifying the oil or are aware of the lab’s standards. If not, your supplement passed through so many hands, it’s amazing it made it to the shelf in tact. Check for testimonies from real, satisfied customers who have experienced significant health changes. There are great fish oil products out there.

About The Author
Lois Smithers, former avid equestrian who fractured two vertebra, spent years researching Omega 3 she credits with ending debilitating chronic inflammation. With Debra Morgan, they own Sea-Based Health, LLC. Sign up for their newsletter and product recommendations, visit

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