Monday, February 25, 2008

Mary's Weight Loss Success - How Hoodia Diet Pills Helped Her Lose Weight

By Travis Van Slooten

Over the past few years, there have been advertisements for hoodia diet pills all over the place. You hear how great they are for weight loss, but chances are you really don't know what they actually do or what they're made out of.

Hoodia gordonii is a plant that acts as a natural appetite suppressant. The hoodia plant can be found in parts of South Africa and a few other countries including the United States. While there are many varieties of hoodia, there is only one that suppresses appetite. It is called hoodia gordonii. The promise the plant holds for many dieters can now be found in many different diet supplement products. If you want help with your weight loss, the first step is to learn how hoodia supplements really work.

The main way to lose weight is to eat less calories than you burn. This is normally achieved by exercising and eating right. Companies have come out with products to help people with the diet component of their weight loss program and hoodia diet pills are one of them. While they are helpful, they aren't dieting miracle pills. Instead, they are simply a dieting aid. You still need to do the basics of eating right and exercising.

Dieters have had great success with hoodia supplements. Take Mary, for example, a real dieter who lost over 20 pounds while taking them. She knew what she was supposed to do to lose weight. She exercised and she even did a good job about eating healthy food. Unfortunately, she had a voracious appetite. She couldn't control how much she ate; she always wanted more. While she may have been eating something healthy, she would still eat too much and go over her calorie quota for the day. This posed a problem and made losing weight almost impossible.

Then Mary tried hoodia diet pills. They worked great for her because they were natural appetite suppressants. She began to notice that she didn't need to eat nearly as much food as she once demanded. Now Mary could eat a regularly portioned meal with no effort or angst.

Since every other aspect of Mary's dieting was sound, she soon noticed the pounds melting away. With her appetite suppressed by hoodia, she was seeing progress where there was none before. This was her way of getting the results she needed.

Appetite suppression is important because you can't have effective weight loss if you can't stop eating. So many people have this problem. You can see it based on the larger portions in restaurants. People eat more food now than they ever did before.

Hoodia doesn't help everyone, though. If you don't have a problem with your appetite or the amount of food that you eat because of it, then hoodia diet pills aren't for you. If you are an emotional eater or have other eating disorders, then hoodia will do you no good.

Also keep in mind that not all hoodia supplements are the same. Although they may have hoodia in the name, some may not have any at all. In fact, most sold today are fakes! They are not regulated by the government so the companies selling them have wide latitude in the claims they make.

Authentic hoodia diet pills can play an important role as part of an overall weight loss program as demonstrated by Mary's success story. However, it's important to keep their role in perspective. If you are expecting miracles or effortless weight loss, than don't look to hoodia. It simply doesn't work that way!

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