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Purchasing Safe & Effective Hoodia Gordonii Products

By Vanessa A. Doctor

At present, it is clear among health experts that attaining calorie control in the diet is a major aspect in maintaining a healthy body weight. Recent changes and revisions in the U.S. Agriculture Department's Food Pyramid Guide have stressed the importance of dietary calorie reduction.

While this suggestion is not a fairly new one, the worsening problem with the rapid rise of obesity and "food-portion distortion," is now being recognized as among the biggest threats to the health of many Americans today.

What Laboratory Research Has Revealed About Hoodia

Hoodia gordonii is a cactus-like plant that is prevalent in the regions of Southern Africa, and has been constantly subjected to many clinical and laboratory trials, both in animals and in humans.

The supplement created from this plant has been shown in animal and human experiments to possess significant appetite-suppressing qualities, without showing any overt signs of "stimulation" that bear any resemblance to those felt by users of the drug ephedra. Laboratory experiments done with in rats imply the potential of steroidal glycosides in increasing the energy content of the neurons in the hypothalamus, which are seen to help promote a false sense of "fullness."

In human experiments as well, a specific component of the supplement, which is called P57, was revealed to result in reduced calorie intake in obese individuals. The use of the steroidal glycoside extracts in both human and animal studies has focused on the development of the P57 compound, which was recently patented by the pharmaceutical industry.

Take Extra Caution When Buying Weight-Loss Supplements

While the dietary supplement has gained extensive popularity around the world as an simple but effective natural weight-loss supplement, a number of consumers have expressed concern about the correct selection of a Hoodia product.

This is because the weight loss and nutritional supplement market today is flooded with substandard, fake or filler-enriched products that all claim to be the real thing. Consumers are advised to exercise caution when choosing which products to use, and must first consult with their health care practitioner before buying one.

Most health experts now that there is a less-desirable segment of the dietary supplement industry that has been known to use materials that do not originate from original sources, and may not contain the active substances that are tested to be effective in suppressing appetites. And though this herb has been proven in both clinical trials and laboratory studies, to be highly effective, it however is not easily or cheaply sourced, and is available only in controlled amounts for the general public to purchase.

Because the plant itself takes about four or five years to fully mature, it is not a quickly-replaced and infinite natural resource. This is the main reason why the price for the plant is quite expensive. However, as far as research has shown about the effectiveness of this supplement in reducing weight, many feel it seems well worth the expense.

Today's modern consumer seeks more evidence-based approaches in weight control and effective dieting, and is on the lookout for safer and more effective dietary supplements.

However, a sector of the weight-loss industry is still willing to take a one-sided approach in asserting weight-loss claims, without sometimes acknowledging the absolute need for vital aspects such as behavior modification, exercise and a calorie-controlled diets, in helping individuals effectively lose unwanted weight. The issue of losing weight is no longer simply a cosmetic issue, as obesity has now become one of the most common causes of premature death and disability in many modern societies. - Hoodia Store

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