Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weight Loss Dietary Supplements - What Is The Most Effective Weight Loss Dietary Supplement?

By Jamie Garside

Weight loss dietary supplements are formulated to assist and help you lose weight that little bit quicker and easier than if you were to lose weight naturally via exercise and dieting. In todays market there are so many weight loss pills and supplements to choose from and to read about that you can get lost to know which way to turn to get that ultimate weight loss supplement/pill that actually works.

Over the past few years the weight loss market in regards to supplements has exploded into life and with the help of science and technology supplements can be formulated safely to help and assist in weight loss. There are many supplements and pills that work and many that don't that ride the wave of weight loss euphoria, but finding the right supplement that not only works but can assist in the areas you need assistance in, whether it be to speed your metabolism up or give you that energy to get up and go to exercise that weight off is a hard journey and a near impossible prospect to most of us nowadays.

Quite recently I came across a weight loss dietary supplement which grabbed my attention somewhat, a product know as Powerthin Phase II. Now Powerthin Phase II is a weight loss pill/supplement when taken alongside a good clean eating plan and exercise program can have unbelievable results to your weight loss goals. The reason Powerthin grabbed my attention so much is because most weight loss pills in the past have been made with a formula which included "Ephedra" which has since been banned by the FDA and Powerthin doesn't contain any Ephedra whatsoever it was made up and formulated from a chinese herb known as bitter orange or more scientifically as Advantra Z. Now Advantra Z is most commonly used for stomach and back ailments but extensive research has shown that Advantra Z holds a defining key to ultimate weight loss within its make up and could be the new safe Ephedra meaning weight loss supplements could be following a new messiah.

With this Powerthin is just about solely formulated with the new Advantra Z proving through research that it can assist with weight loss. The second point that grabbed my attention about Powerthin and probably the most important point was that it is designed to attack and combat all different areas of weight loss not just one area as many other weight loss supplements do. What I mean is Powerthin is designed to not only give you the motivation and the drive to get up out of that chair and power towards calorie burning and peak fitness but also speed your metabolism up so your body burns calories while you are resting and pushing that weight loss goal into overdrive safely. Most other leading manufacturers focus on one or the other and not both departments of ultimate weight loss meaning you literally get more for your money.

It is built up as that complete weight loss product which is very rare to find on the over flooded market that is weight loss supplements today. Its designed not only for people starting a new weight loss plan but for those that have suddenly hit a weight loss stall providing the key and answer to your weight loss questions. Easy to use and no known side effects, fitting the supplement into everyday life is easy and the results are known to be fast enough for you to literally feel the product working for yourself.

Start forming your physical future today.

Jamie Garside is a specialist in weight loss dietary supplements and health products. For more info and reviews on the weight loss supplement Powerthin Phase II visit

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